Things You Must Know for Cutting a Tree Successfully

Jul 31, 2015

More often than not, it is risky to cut down a mature tree. So, the job is best handled by professional providers of tree cutting services who have the necessary equipments. If you want to do a certain portion of the task yourself, here are some tips that will help you carry out the job smoothly.

The appropriate equipments

Prior to using any equipment, you must always test it in order to check whether it is in good condition. Here are the main equipments that are used in cutting down a tree.

  • Chainsaw: This is no doubt the most vital equipment that you will require. To perform the task successfully, the chainsaw ought to have around 3.5 horsepower along with a 20 inch bar. This should be enough to cut down the majority of trees.
  • Leg Protection: In case you hit a knot present within the tree, the saw might kick out and hurt your leg. To prevent this, it is best to protect yourself with heavy leg protectors or knee-high safety boots.
  • Safety Glasses: Do not ignore the significance of safety glasses when you are involved in a task like tree cutting. While you are cutting by means of a chainsaw, flying debris might enter your eyes causing serious harm. So, you need to safeguard your eyes with the safety glasses.
  • Test Rope of 1000 lb: The length of this rope should be thrice the height of the tree. To prevent any mishap from occurring, use this rope as a safety backup.

Proven tree cutting tactics

Before you start off with the task, take care to see that all the gear is in place. If you are not taking the help of professionals offering tree cutting services, do not do it alone. Call some family members; friends or acquaintances who you feel can help you out. Ensure that once the tree is cut, it does not fall on any person or property such as fence, house, and so on. To safely cut down the tree, you may follow these steps.

  • Evaluate the height of the tree.
  • On the basis of the tree’s height, chalk out the direction, in which you would like the tree to fall.
  • If the place where you intend the tree to fall has some debris or other properties, clear the same.
  • Take the test rope and tie one end to the middle of the tree or a little above.
  • Let your friends stand at a safe distance and hold the other end.
  • On the side wherein you would like to see the tree fall, make a v-shaped notch at approximately knee height.
  • From the other side, begin cutting the tree, till you reach the notch cut.
  • As the tree is about to fall, rapidly make a 45 degree angle and walk away from it.
  • In case you find that the tree does not fall completely but gets stuck with another tree, ask your friends to pull the rope to make the tree fall.

It is highly recommended that you hire a professional tree cutting services provider for cutting down your tree. However, if you are keen on completing the job yourself, use the right equipments and follow the appropriate techniques, so that the job is performed without any hassles.

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